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Rob Giampietro

Director - Structured Cabling / Technology

Rob has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. A graduate of Drexel University, with a degree in Electrical & Computer Enginnering, he has held the role of Consultant, Architect, Manager, Senior System Administrator, Network Designer, Network Administrator, and Developer.

At PVI, Rob is responsible for technology and architecture direction. He oversees technical selection of core business technology, development, implementation, maintenance, data security and day to day operations of technologies used by both PVI corporate and our customer solutions.

Rob was a senior member of the team architecting and supporting technologies for an infrastructures of over 10K employees. He later moved to a smaller core business group to evaluate, re-design, implement and support a new technical infrastructure. Rob directed his technical team to ensure they continually adapted and reconfigured the infrastructure to support new business requirements and work-flow interoperability with the larger corporate environment.

Prior to joining PVI , Rob was involved in a multi-year initiative involving the migration of IT/technical services to a new data center. This involved new technologies in many areas. Requirements of the final design included a 3K node network, updated Microsoft domain, latest offering from Cisco networking technology, and a new end-user environment.